Scott Menzel- ROLL Model

Scott Menzel is a digital contemporary fine artist and designer. If art mimics life, then Scott is a reflection of all that is creative. Born with spinal muscular atrophy type 2, doctors provided little hope to his family that he would live past the age of five.  At 36, Scott defied medical science and the odds for survival. His family raised him to believe in his abilities, thereby nurturing and encouraging his self reliance as well as his resilience. 

There is a backstory to Scott Menzel, one that he prefers to minimize in deference to being valued solely on the merit of his creative talent. The art speaks for itself….energized spectrums of color, vivid and inspiring themed images punctuated by bold fluid strokes. As an accomplished fine artist and graphic designer, he soon mastered software programs that would open up a world of palettes and brush strokes. His fine art mediums are canvas and metal. Scott is currently mastering the art of 3-D animation. 

“I create my work digitally, which ironically reflects my life that is aided by technology.  It is the tool that aids my existence and allows me to be myself when my natural tools fail.  Digital technology is just an extension of me in the creative process,” said the artist from his Pella, Wisconsin studio

While attending St. Norbert College in DePere, Wis., Scott was instrumental in a summer program for kids with disabilities, a program that continued after he received his bachelor’s degree in graphic communications.  Scott quickly progressed to a full time position with the college as the assistive technology lab supervisor, associated with the Masters of Education program. As a young graduate he was asked to manage new technology and instruct faculty in technical applications.  Ultimately, Scott was the recipient of the Young Alumni Award for his service to St. Norbert’s College.

Inspired by his lifelong dream of becoming a full time fine artist, Scott began setting the stage that would align him with creative opportunities. Pursuit of creative expression is more than a vocation for Scott, it represents the sum and substance of who he is. “Art is hard to explain, but it exists and has a power. I believe my passion to create is the driving force to move myself through life. It allows me to express how I feel and gives me a sense of accomplishment. It is my method to prove my self worth when things seem over whelming and it helps achieve the peace within myself in a world that can seem complicated.  My art signifies my inner feelings, struggles, and dreams.  Each creation is a fragment of this journey in search of answers,” explains Scott. 

“Inside Scott is the energy, the resolve, and the discipline of an Olympic athlete.  He is prolific in the creation of his body of work and we refer to him as a rock star of art,” commented Karen Ottoson, a partner with Shine Management Group (, the company that help support his career.  

The Green Bay Packers funded Scott’s public art project for the Brown County Treatment Center, which was featured at Lambeau Field. Other works have been displayed at the office of the Wisconsin Lt. Governor, the Bergstrom Mahler Glass Museum, and the Neville Public Museum as artist in residence. Many of Scott’s paintings are currently displayed at the Aloft Hotel in Milwaukee, Wisconsin where last year he was honored with a one-man show.  Using advanced technology that projected large scale interactive images, the event uniquely combined Scott’s fine art and the music of Evan Christian.  In 2011, Scott signed a five-year, worldwide licensing deal with Murals Your Way, an online distributor of original large scale art.  His work was paired alongside HGTV Design Star David Bromstad.  In June of 2012, Scott, Toronto-based DNA artist Jeff Robinson and Milwaukee artist Joel Velez will join with performing artists for a show at the Marcus Center for the Arts.  Additionally, a gallery showing in Los Angeles is being explored as well as overseas projects.

Scott is an artist, a compassionate visionary, a mentor, an inspiration, he does not allow physical or mental obstacles and challenges derail him from his purpose in life. When asked what motivates him, Scott commented, “I do it because it feels right and I love seeing how what I create connects with the world.  It’s an internal drive fueled by life’s ups and downs in the discovery process. It feeds my desire and supports my resolve to never give up.  It gives me a focus, a direction for my emotions and desires while facing life’s fears and unanswered questions. I want to rock and shock the world with bold visual poetry.”

Artistic and Design Highlights

  • 2012 Cineviz Promotional Video Released
  • 2011 Art at Murals Your Way. Featured with David Bromstad, nationally recognized HGTV Design Star Winner, and ranked number 9 in top 35 abstracts chosen by public for 6 months straight.
  • 2011 Featured on Milwaukee’s FOX 6 news
  • 2011 Aloft & the Arts Personal Exhibit demonstrating art through technology
  • 2011 Artists of the New North Exhibitor at the Bergstrom Mahler Museum
  • 2011 Artist promotional design for Shine Management Group
  • 2010 Artstreet Green Bay Award of Excellence
  • 2010 Featured in Green Bay Press Gazette
  • 2010 Featured on Good Day Wisconsin
  • 2009 Featured on Wisconsin Public Radio
  • 2009 Artist for the Brown County Community Treatment Center
  • 2008 Featured artist at Aloft Hotel grand opening, Green Bay WI
  • 2009 Featured artist at the Capital by the Wisconsin Lt. Governor
  • 2008 Two-term Brown County Studio 210 Regional Artist
  • 2006 CD covers, web design and promotional material for R & B artist Cincere
  • 2005 Performance art project for DJ Hurricane at the RAVE Milwaukee
  • 2001 North West Technical College Permanent Collection
  • 2000 Published in Digital Publishing Design Graphic Magazine
  • 1999 Green Bay Artstreet Logo Winner