Aaron Thomas- ROLL Model NEW

Aaron Thomas hopes to bring his positive outlook on life to others, regardless of ability.  At 22 years old Aaron won’t let the tough times keep him down.  He finds that being positive, physical strength and seeking independence are keys to moving successfully past challenging times.

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Six years ago, this October, Aaron was paralyzed from a gunshot wound, leaving him a T10 paraplegic.  Although the rehab process has not been easy, Aaron found his inpatient stay at Lutheran Hospital of Fort Wayne, Indiana to be enjoyable.  The work outs and other activities reminded him of his days warming up for his favorite sport baseball.  Aaron was 6 games away from the Little League World series as a kid, so athletics have always been important to him. He also had great support from his family to get him his time in rehab.  Their desire to see him gain independence grew his. 

Aaron Thomas close up

Today Aaron lives an independent lifestyle.  He is working to help others who are paralyzed find the same positive outlook and seek the same independence.  He has gotten his drivers license and hopes to soon have a car of his own.  But not having a car hasn’t held him back.  Aaron rolls to the gym most days to get in a healthy workout.  He finds that working on his physical strength helps with his mental strength. 

If Aaron isn’t at the gym he is likely working on his goal of creating a foundation, A Day in a Chair.  Currently he posts to his Instagram page to promote SCI awareness and living an active lifestyle.  Recently he posted about his latest set-back, a pressure sore on the heel of his foot. Although he initially felt shame for not knowing the pressure sore was forming, he decided it was important to share as it is one of the most common reasons for rehospitalization or treatment following an SCI.  Aaron’s willingness to be open and honest while maintaining his positive outlook are the reasons he is a great ROLL Model to others. 

A day in a chair

To follow Aaron on his journey to help others while improving his own life check out his Instagram page.  As Aaron reminds others in one of his Instagram posts, wake up, open the window, let light in and brighten up your day. 

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