Josh Smith-ROLL Model-NEW

Josh Smith - Richmond, VA

Working hard and staying active has brought Josh Smith success in the past and he hopes to continue this with his latest project-the Attracmount.

Josh is an Engineer by trade and a natural inventor.  He also happens to be a quadriplegic.  After a routine trip to the beach with friends and diving into a wave with a sandbar lurking below, Josh has turned tragedy into triumph.

In the hospital many doctors and occupational therapists gave Josh products to help aid him with daily life. Josh found that many of the products available to people with disabilities were poorly designed and hardly improve his daily life. Being an engineer, he began to formulate ideas for designing more human-centric and intuitive products.

Josh’s ideas lead to him creating the company Handizap with its orginal product, the Sixth Digit.  The Sixth Digit is a stylus specifically designed for people with limited hand function. Launched at the end of 2015 the Sixth Digit was successfully funded on Kickstarter and has since sold and donated thousands of sets all around the world to improve the lives of others. The Sixth Digit stands apart from all other styluses not only because of the better design, but because it was designed by a quadriplegic, for others with similar disabilities.

This drive to create functional products for people of all abilities lead him to develop the Attracmount.  The Attracmount is a magnetic cell phone and key holder designed to fit any wheelchair, bike or stroller.  There have been other wheelchair cell phone holders developed in the past but NOTHING as sleek and functional or as powerful as the Attracmount. 

As Josh continues to improve the lives of people around him with his engineering and business wisdom he also leads a very active life with friends, family and sports. Oh, and did we mention he also works full-time as a purchasing manager for an insulation company. 

During Josh’s free time he enjoys staying active and playing ANY sport available.  He often uses the services of Sportable, an adaptive sports organization in Richmond Virginia which allows Josh to engage in activities he wouldn’t be able to do on his own.  And if he isn’t playing sports he’s enjoying time with friends, often hosting game nights at his house.  He also likes to spend time with his niece Mallory when he can!

For more information on Josh’s business and engineering ventures check out Handizap

And be sure to check out his latest Kickstarter campaign to bring the Attracmount to market!