Case Calvert-ROLL Model

Life is an adventure for Case Calvert. Born with Duchenne Muscular Dystrophy, the disease has been a big influence in his life, but in a surprising way.

The first signs of Case’s disability appeared when he could not run as fast as the other kids or have the ability to stand up properly.  When he was seven and while attending a doctor’s visit for his older brother, the doctor noticed Case’s problem and soon after was diagnosed with the disease.  “I knew that some things were harder to do than they were for others, but I always thought of myself as just one of the kids,” says Case. “I have always been active in sports and as a kid I was able to play baseball with some limitations. I was even a bowler for three or four years, but at the age of eleven I broke my ankle and since that time lost all strength in my legs, preventing me from walking.”             

Now, at 24, Case has goals of finding a job as a successful graphic designer, living on his own, inspiring others with disabilities, and one day, possibly starting a family.  “Being able to be an independent person is a huge need for me to perform in the working world”, says Case. “I will have work to the best of my ability and to show that I have no issues when it comes to performance.” Looking towards accomplishing his goals, Case graduated college with a Bachelor of Fine Arts degree in Visual Communications and he has started his own graphic design studio, Case Calvert Designs (, providing professional graphic design services for sports teams and organizations that are underserved.

A big part of Case’s life is power soccer. He is a four-time national champion with his team, the Circle City Rollers from Indianapolis. He has also been selected as a member of the U.S. National Power Soccer Team ( and they will be competing in November at the Powerchair Football World Cup in Paris, France. They are attempting to win the World Cup and become the first U.S. team to repeat as World Champions.

Dealing with his disability and the related adversity has really made a difference in Case’s life. “Though there have been hardships, it has given me a great respect and understanding for life”, reflects Case. “This, in turn, has given me a great sense of humor that allows me to use my life to make jokes and others laugh. My life has given me joy and laughter, allowing me to live with incredible passion. A life with a disability might seem hard to others, but for me it is a joy that has made my life an adventure and who I am today.”