We're Back

It has been quite a while since we last reached out to our customers and friends.  We’ve continued to sell our Holcomb Adaptive Jeans and logo apparel over this time but have not been actively growing the business.  But things are changing.  The market continues to need quality and stylish adaptive apparel and we are readier than ever to meet this need!

Where have we been? 

Jenny, who founded and operates Rollin’ Wear, is also an active duty military spouse and practicing Occupational Therapist.  This means lots of moving around the country and changing jobs.  Although this can be a challenge Jenny is ready to take all she has learned both professionally and personally over the past few years to grow Rollin’ Wear and better meet the needs of its current and future customers. 

For those who like to more detail…Jenny moved to St Thomas in the US Virgin Islands from 2012-2014 and back to her home state of MN in ’14 and lived in Duluth for the past 4 years. Jenny has continued to work as an Occupational Therapist throughout this time which only nurtures her passion to grow Rollin’ Wear today.  During this time Jenny and her husband Stephen also had two children, both girls who are nearing 3 and 4 yrs old.  Jenny and her family are currently in the process of moving back to the Virgin Islands with a military transfer.  Although living on an island can make things more complicated from a business perspective, the motivation that is cultivated from being in paradise makes up for the difficulties!

Other members of our Rollin’ Wear team have also been busy. Chris Holcomb stayed busy working with Achilles International and has competed in numerous Marathons and races around the country and world (both on a handcycle and pushrim).  He still rocks the Holcomb Adaptive Jeans and helps with product development.  Chris made a big move to Georgia (from FL) in recent years and is now working fulltime within his community assisting others to live independent. 

Rollin’ Wear is also happy to add another team member, Cheyenne Capps.  Chey has a business and management background and will be focusing on the customer service experience as well as sales and marketing.  She is passionate about providing quality products to increase one’s function and fashion.  Chey is located out of North Florida and enjoys warm weather, the beach, all things active and her cat Tucker! 

The current market…

Rollin’ Wear first launched back in 2011 when there was one other adaptive apparel company in the US.  Over the years various new adaptive apparel companies have opened and we feel this is a good thing. 

As more retailers carry adaptive apparel it not only brings more options to our community but also creates awareness and we are excited about this.  A little competition is a good thing.  Our goal is to continue delivering quality denim at a reasonable price.  We also think our focus on active lifestyles sets us apart and is essential as we grow our product line.

So with all this in mind we have laid out a plan of growth and would appreciate your continued support during this time. 

What’s Next…

The Rollin’ Wear team has been busy planning for Re-Launch.  We had success with our Holcomb Adaptive Jean and are taking customer feedback and things learned during production to create an improved product.

We’re also taking feedback from our community and launching a junior’s line of adaptive denim jeans! Not only are we launching junior sizes, we are also increasing our adult sizing with 5 NEW sizes. 

We Need your Help!

To ensure we get the word out we need your help! 

We will be Re-Launching our new and improved denim jean with increased sizing and our Junior line through Kickstarter.  Kickstarter is a crowd funding site that allows creative companies to fund their products prior to final production.  This is a great option for small businesses like Rollin’ Wear.

We will be launching in time to get new products out before next December.  Keep your eye out for emails regarding the launch date! Also, make sure to ‘like’ us on Facebook if you haven’t already!

Brand Ambassadors

If you’re interested in getting involved with the community, enjoy attending events, making connections and like FREE clothes, think about becoming a Brand Ambassador.  Brand Ambassadors (BA’s) are the face of Rollin’ Wear and work within their own communities to provide education about adaptive apparel and promote the brand. 

We are currently looking for BA’s in all areas of the US! Contact us at jenny@rollinwear.com for more information. Or pass the email on to a friend if you think they will make a great Rollin’ Wear Brand Ambassador.

 Connecting with Rehab professionals and Clinics/Hospitals

 It is important to educate rehab professionals about adaptive clothing options available and encourage them to pass this information on to their patients/clients.  So often we hear stories about people being told in those early days of rehab that they need to stay away from certain clothing like jeans. We need to help change this dialogue and make adaptive apparel more accessible. 

If you are a rehab professional or collaborate with clinics or hospitals and would like to help promote the brand through a branch of our Ambassador program please contact us at jenny@rollinwear.com.

Thanks again for your continued support. We look forward to meeting your apparel needs!

 We are happy to be back Rocking and ROLLIN!



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