Meet Danny and Val from Accessible Vacations

Rollin' Wear champions living an active lifestyle.  Using a wheelchair doesn't have to limit your ability to explore, be active and live life; The Pitaluga's show us just that with their blog Accessible Vacations

Danny, a quadriplegic after a car accident and his wife Val share the in's and outs of travel and day-to-day life. Both from FL and now living in OH, working in their respective fields, the Pitaluga's offer a fresh perspective on life.  Balancing work, weekend outings and travel to far off places like Hawaii, Danny and Val show you how they make it work. 

Adding to the fun is their brand new baby boy, Joey.  With limited time to travel these days, Val and Danny offer their take on parenthood while living with a spinal cord injury.  Travel the past few weeks has been all about quick trips outside the house but as their young son grows there will sure to be more on vacationing. 

Along with their blog the Pitaluga's also keep up with their many followers on Facebook and Instagram. After checking out Accessible Vacations on their many platforms, you will likely notice the familiar faces!

Danny and Val have been close friends of Rollin' Wear since the beginning.  Jenny, the founder of Rollin' Wear met Danny while he was playing quad rugby in a tournament sponsored by the company.  Danny and Val also modeled in a Rollin' Wear photo shoot, which is why their faces are often seen in company promotions.  To this day Danny wears his Rollin' Wear jeans regularly.  He comments on how well they have held up to his wear and tear. Even holding up to his new role as Dad!   

Be sure to check out the Pitaluga's Accessible Vacations blog and share in their many journeys! 

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